Data Warehousing Expertise

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Data Ware house Expertise


Data warehousing is a complex area where much of the data is needed to be stored and sorted for future use. The data from the DW is given by key operating systems like marketing sales etc. Our expert DW team has diverse experience in designing implementing and consuming DW's.

Data Warehouses are majorly used for the following applications.

  • Predictive analysis :
    In predictive analysis, the focus is on finding hidden patterns by using complex math models that can be used to predict future outcomes. This application focuses majorly in the predictions for the future. These predictions can be used for CRM (Customer Relationship Management) applications and to alter market strategy to improve the overall output.
  • Online analytical processing (OLAP):
    OLAP generally is mentioned for low volume transactions. Queries are of high complexity and involve aggregations. Response time of an OLAP application is an effectiveness measure. OLAP applications are widely used by Data Mining techniques. OLAP databases store aggregated, historical data in multi-dimensional schemas (usually star schemas).
  • Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) :
    OLTP characterized by a large number of on-line transactions. These systems emphasize very fast query processing and maintaining data integrity in multi-access environments. For OLTP systems, effectiveness is measured by the number of transactions per second. OLTP databases contain detailed and current data. The schema used to store transactional databases is the entity model.
  • Data mart:
    A data mart is a simple form of a data warehouse that is focused on a single subject, such as sales, finance or marketing. Data marts are often built and controlled by a single department within an organization. Given their single-subject focus, data marts usually draw data from only a few sources. The sources could be internal operational systems, a central data warehouse, or external data.